My Singapore!
Photo Contest

О конкурсе

My Singapore! Photo Contest

Photo Contest is organized by the Russian Club in Singapore and the Russian Cultural Center in Singapore (aka Russian House) on the occasion of the 56th Anniversary of Singapore National Day.

Цели конкурса:

We love Singapore! And we want to show the world how beautiful this city and its inhabitants are!

Задачи конкурса:

To share your creativity on the social media platforms of Russian Club in Singapore, the Russian Cultural Center in Singapore (Russian House), and our partners: over 200,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram combined! 

Конкурсные категории:

  • City
  • Nature
  • People
  • Covid-19
  • Freestyle


Срок приёма заявок на конкурс:
13 августа 2021 г., 23:59

Период народного голосования:
14 августа 2021 г., 00:00 — 20 августа 2021 г., 23:59

Период работы судейской комиссии:
12 августа 2021 г., 00:00 — 21 августа 2021 г., 08:59

Финал. Награждение победителей:
21 августа 2021 г., 12:00

Место награждения:

To be announced later after Aug, 18th, depending on the quarantine status and prevailing social distancing measures.

Призовой фонд

Prizes from our partners and sponsors.

Условия участия


  • Submit your best work(s) until Aug 12, 2021.
  • Make a short description of each photo in English and/or Russian. 
  • We do accept altered photography – unleash your imagination!
  • Indicate your name and surname and a contact number: you may win our prizes!
  • Indicate the category for each of your photography.
  • You can participate in each category, with a maximum of 2 photos per category, up to 10 photos for the contest.

Работы принимаются в следующем формате:

  • изображение

Работы будут оцениваться по следующим критериям:

  • The overall quality of the photography, including, but not limited to the story behind the picture, impression, creativity, and composition.
    The panel of our judges, Russian-speaking influencers living in Singapore, and professional photographers from Singapore, will select the winners!


This photo contest is open for everybody in love with Singapore!

Заявки принимаются:

  • Индивидуально, от своего имени

The only criteria for applicants are to love Singapore and its people as much as we do!
T&C: By submitting your photography you agree to accept the universal principle of “Fair use”, which includes a sufficient acknowledgment of the work/creator on this platform and social media platforms of the organizers (The Russian Club in Singapore and the Russian Cultural Center in Singapore/Russian House) and our media partners.

Участие в конкурсе бесплатное.

    • Alexei Tarassov , Singapore
    • PhotoJudge5 , Singapore
    • 20 years
    • Maxim Chernov , Singapore
    • Kate Bird , Singapore
    • Unique Singapore , Singapore


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