About the platform for online contests

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Platform competizer offers a powerful functionality for online competitions with an unlimited number of participants and judges.

Conducting your competition on our platform you automatically ensure the security of participation for contestants and accuracy Estimates of refereeing, because Fully excluded Results and minimized the work of the organizing committee and members of the jury.

Competizer platform significantly facilitates the competition, and regardless of the number of participants and their applications.

Application processing is maximally automated.

Now there is no need to highlight special employees who will be engaged in posting mail with received applications, because all work on reception an unlimited number of applications from participants, on verification on the compliance of participants and work of the requirements of the Competition, on the primary processing applications, on the organization of the refereeing process, results, on notifying participants, to award winners with diplomas and Many other features take on the platform.

No need to manually make a major legal document with all the terms of the competition, it is formed automatically on the basis of several parameters specified by the organizer of the competition.

You can hold contests with a paid participation.

You can limit the number of applications from each participant.

You can accept applications for a contest with audio and video recordings, as well as images and text.

You can limit the number of characters in the texts presented for the competition.