Terms of Use Online Contest Platform

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Taking this website, you accept and agree to comply with all accepted and published rules.

1. Description of service

Competizer platform (competizer.com) is a cloud service for online contests. Registered users access participation in contests, as well as additional services (placement of competitions on the platform, search, reviews and comments, assessments and jury reviews, sending messages between users).

The platform does not imply the transfer of competing operations or possession of users. Viewing, reading and listening to competitive works can occur on the pages of the site, or through the Competizer for mobile and other devices (The application is in development, the release date will be reported additionally). Placing files with competitive work is made on platform servers.

2. Registration order

We offer our users to register so that they can organize an online competition, leave their reviews and comments, evaluate the work and receive reviews for competitive work from members of the jury, as well as for making a newsletter on newsletter and various notifications. You need an email address to register, the phone number and account in one of the supported social networks can be used.

Registration, use or payment of platform services means that the user has read the public offer and accepts its conditions.

3. The cost of organizing online contests, payment for participation in the competition and for sending an application for a contest

User pays for the service for the use of the service in the event of a competition or participation in it with its competitive work. Each course as part of the service belongs to one of the two classes: free courses and paid courses. Paid courses also include live webinars and communication with school teacher.

Paid courses can be purchased separately, or to issue a subscription at a certain period of time to learn any courses included in the subscription package.

Depending on the conditions, the courses fall into one of the tariffs.

With information about competitions, visitors can familiarize themselves on the main pages of online contests, where the organizers place announcements, the conditions of participation, the cost and presentation materials.

4. Payment for the cost of organizing contests and participation in them

Payment of the cost of organizing competitions and participation in them is made through payment systems and aggregators. When you select the payment form, the user is redirected to the payment system website for the introduction of details through a secure & nbsp; protected connection. This ensures that user data will only fall on the payment system. On servers Competizer payment data is not stored.

The service is activated (or extended) immediately on the fact of payment. The payment confirmation will come from our server and from the payment system server to email user.

5. Cancellation of the order for services and money refund

If you are sure that the payment was carried out by mistake or your circumstances absolutely, extremely and unconditionally require the cancellation of the order for services and return money, then write to us on competizer@mail.ru with full statement, documents and confirmation of your words. We will definitely consider your appeal.

6. Cameable information and confidentiality

In order to help visitors use the service and recommend contests, as well as to improve the service, we collect or reserve the right to collect the following data: