Update 2012-04



Manage User Data Capture forms more precisely; use new options for entry limits; categories and voting; new use of entries Creation date and improved usability of submissions in text competition.

  1. Manage User Data Capture forms more precisely:
    • Now you can deactivate or require profile picture and location (with Google map).
    • Profile pictures are not displayed in competition after deactivating profile picture.
    • In admin panel – Set up & Edit > Options > User data capture – new colours are introduced to highlight platform data, which can be edited in Platform Setup (by Site Admins only)
    • Check Summary of the competition, especially while preparing Rules and Privacy Policy. Now you can find a full list of user data capture fields, sorted by forms, so you can quickly check what data and when will be acquired.
  2. Enty limits:
    • Now admin can change max size of entry (bytes for photo competitions, characters for text competitions) not only in first set up, but also at a later time.
    • Set up categories entry limits to ‘0’ and prevent submission to this category; category will be unavailable by submission
    • Leave category entry limit empty for unlimited entries.
  3. Optionally hide categories in categories filter in competition gallery of entries.
  4. Voting:
    • Changed set up of voting limits: empty limit means that unlimited voting is allowed
    • Set voting limit to ‘0’ to prevent voting at all
    • Improved voting mechanism, to avoid Bots voting.
  5. Entries Creation date:
    • Creation date is displayed beneath entry on Entry Page
    • For administrator, additional dates filter is available in Winners Approval Tab
      Now you can choose specific time interval to choose entries added after and/or before given date.
  6. Improved usability of submissions in text competition:
    • If user can add entries to more than one category, first he/she has to choose category. After choosing category, Title field is rewritten, but user can change it.
    • Tags are added to text entries.
    • Right after upload, user can edit and share text entry. New entry is on top of previously added entries.
  7. Edit text shared by Twitter in Setup&Edit > Main tab.

This update adds some system messages.


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