Update 2013-04


Run a contest on Facebook and use  social media to boost the contest by shared contest entries or by inviting friends. There are new options that enable directing users from Facebook posts directly to your app on Facebook or to the browser version for mobile users.
For contest as tab on your fanpage you can also require liking before entering the contest app.
Some new styling options: customize your contest with header in any size or use new template dedicated for Facebook tab.

New Facebook features

  1. Splash page and requiring liking before entering into the contest on fanpage tab (optional).
  2. Smart links, that would direct users from posts on Facebook (likes, comments, shares) to the contest tab and mobile users to responsible www version.
  3. There is new built in link to invite friends from Facebook to the contest for users that sign up with Facebook in user menu.
  4. Responsive template for Facebook tab. This template would keep max width for 810px so the contest in tab and as www version would look the same.


  1. Header makes quite a lot for the first impression. Now you can replace text title of the contest with the image in any size: tiny logo or a huge cover photo that will indroduce a topic of the contest, prizes, basic rules, branding, etc.
    Just remember that it would be available on every page of the contest.
  2. In the jury panel for entries some additional info is displayed: entry descriptions and tags.


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