Update 2012-11


Contest templates use responsive design. It means that layout magically adjust itself to comfortably fit the width of the screen. Additionally on small screens like smartphones users get more comfortable navigation.
Other updates: participants can remove profile by themselves and new moderation tools for admins.

Responsive design delivers comfortable experience for mobile and desktop users.

With responsive design came few adjustments for smaller screens like smartphones, notepads etc.:

  • main content narrows down
  • aside column jumps down and is displayed for the full width
  • gallery adjusts to screen width
  • filters in gallery are available by clicking additional button, then filtering options are available as big comfortable buttons
  • in gallery after clicking on "previous" or "next page",  page scrolls down, so the headers are skipped and user can faster browse the gallery
  • entry is presented to the full width of screen, Facebook comments width is adjusted
  • after clicking on previous/next button on entry page, page scrolls down, so the headers are skipped (user doesn't have to scroll down to the entry each time)
  • on profile page user menu is displayed as comfortable buttons (this menu is available for logged in on their own profile only).

See examples of responsive contest templates here.

Other updates:

  1. Participants can remove their account by themselves. To remove it user has to sign in and enter his/her profile page. There is a link "Remove profile". After clicking user is asked about password, to avoid malicious activity. The profile with all entries is removed within 24 hours.
  2. There are also additional moderation tools for admins. User could be found by nickname or email and then banned or deleted. There is also list of banned users, where user could be reactivated or deleted.


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