Update 2012-09


Redirect all users from Landing Page, new filtering and sorting options for gallery of entries, custom order of winners on winners page, optionally open main menu items in new window.

  1. Decide if  main menu items should be opened in new window or not.  
    There is new option in Pages > Competition main menu 
  2. Redirect all users from Landing Page to the competition (it was possible to redirect only by country till now).
    If you use one domain name for few competitions and have one contest upon a time then set Landing Page for top domain and redirect all users to the current contest, so you can promote one shorter top domain internet address.
  3. Display Top or Latest entries as default in gallery.
    Set it in Options > Gallery > Default sorting (in gallery by default "Top entries" are displayed after winners annoucement, "Latest entries" otherwise).
  4. For admins added handy link to the competition on the top of admin page on competition title in competition set up.
    Competition website opens in new window and you can set up competition and easily follow changes (just refresh competition website using browser icon or F5 button).
  5. In gallery there is new filter available. This option enables filtering entries by date added:
    • whenever (all entries)
    • this month,
    • last month,
    • this week,
    • last week,
    • today,
    • yesterday,
    • last x days,
    • from - to,

    Optionally filter could be forced to be displayed even if there are no entries that meet criteria.
    Find full info about customizing gallery of contest entries here.

  6. On winners page you can sort winners and runner-ups. It could be useful if you don't like default sorting by categories. 
    After approving winners you are redirected to edit winners page. There you can see list of winners and runner-ups sorted by categories and rank. Use links "move up", "move down" to sort them differently.
  7. On demo accounts you can create new competition (but still only in demo.competizer.com domain).


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