Update 2013-08


Introducing paid entry contests - charge for participation or sell additional items with PayPal payments.

Update 2013-04


Run a contest on Facebook and use  social media to boost the contest by shared contest entries or by inviting friends. There are new options that enable directing users from Facebook posts directly to your app on Facebook or to the browser version for mobile users.
For contest as tab on your fanpage you can also require liking before entering the contest app.
Some new styling options: customize your contest with header in any size or use new template dedicated for Facebook tab.

Update 2013-02


Have a look at new prices and run a contest up to 25 users or entries for free!
A bunch of new options on upload: limit entries per contest, hide info about limits, for categories choice - radio buttons or select list.

Update 2012-11


Contest templates use responsive design. It means that layout magically adjust itself to comfortably fit the width of the screen. Additionally on small screens like smartphones users get more comfortable navigation.
Other updates: participants can remove profile by themselves and new moderation tools for admins.

Update 2012-09


Redirect all users from Landing Page, new filtering and sorting options for gallery of entries, custom order of winners on winners page, optionally open main menu items in new window.

Update 2012-08


Customized aside widget with top/latest entries. Added classes for main buttons on Home Page to enable custom CSS styling.

Update 2012-06


 New statistics widget, avatars in gallery of entries on competition website. On the backend supplemented management of departments. 

Update 2012-05


Introduced new offer with BASIC and FULL competition type.  New dashboard with added contest details like pricing, stages and timing and competition type to faciliate multi-competition management. Admins will be notified on competition status via email. In text competitions added links on titles of entries in galleries and widgets.

Update 2012-04



Manage User Data Capture forms more precisely; use new options for entry limits; categories and voting; new use of entries Creation date and improved usability of submissions in text competition.

Update 2012-02


Import photos via FTP for competition organizer and extended entries management for participants.

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