Contest ideas

Competizer platform may be used to organize various kinds of online competitions, also multiple competitions and even very own competition platform. It's also possible to use Competizer as a virtual gallery created for specific promotional activities.

Possibilities of platform usage and contest ideas are listed below:



Own competition platform

Run multiple competitions weekly, monthly, yearly by clonning or choosing winners sequentially. Gain users base and engage them into new competitions by mailings. Participants actively promote competitions using permanent links to entry pages and users profile pages. Exploit mobile app to reach mobile audience. 

Photo contests

These are the most popular types of competitions and also user favourites.
Entries may not only be photos, but also graphics. All you need is a good idea for the competition category and desirable prize, and your base could increase with thousands of email addresses.

Metro Photo Challenge


Writing Contests

Organize writing contest for slogan, review, article, essey, poetry, motivation, letter etc.. Moderation and efficient tools for choosing winners will ease organizing process.  With good marketing ideas and valuable prizes, this is a way to success.

Lady Gaga as Global Editor in Chief


Global online contests

Using the potential of Competizer platform, you are able to lead one contest in parallel with several countries. Set up a contest in your country, then clone it, change the language version, translate the content and launch the global campaign. It's so easy!

Metro Race for Space contest


Contests for the best portfolio

If you would like to value a user’s contribution, you can choose the winner based on all their work, from the sum of total votes cast. This method will motivate participants to have a stronger involvement by adding and promoting much of their work.

Contest for the Best Portfolio inspired by Karl's Lagerfeld collections.


Users' choice

Are you interested in users' feedback on your products or logo, and perhaps, visual ads? Just upload them into the contest (as *jpg), set the voting, and create a virtual exhibition that users can judge. Web surfers like, and appreciate, having opportunity to decide what is best, and you gain valuable and welcome feedback.


Paid for entry contest

Cover expenses related to the organization of the competition or to generate additional income by implementing entry fees. You set the rules: sell membership or per entry fee, special price for students or free participation with basic entry limit.


Virtual galeries

Virtual galleries

Use the Competizer platform as a virtual gallery, and give users the opportunity to:

  • Co-create it, by adding their photos/texts (perfect solution for creating galleries of specific places, events, cities)
  • Comment on it (ideal solution if you want to receive feedback from users on your products / logos, their wraps, etc.)


Reports from mass events

Don't let such an important marketing material such as photos of meetings or events (which were organized by you or sponsored) get stuck on your hard drive! Competizer allows you to easily and quickly upload more photos into your virtual gallery. What you can do next is generate a widget and put it on your website – you will gain good content and additional promotions in social media.