Race for Space

Usage of Competizer: Text Contest

Media: Internet, Facebook

Duration:  1 month (2012)


Global prize of the contest is a flight into space with a value of $95,000 and organized jointly with Space Expedition in Curacao.

Contest will take place in 20 branches of Metro International all over the world and its launch is planned for March 2012. For the title of: The First Metro Reader in Space, anyone can apply; who will convince an audience and/or jury, that he/she is the chosen one and deserves to sit in the Lynx rocket! Every country will choose one finalist, who will be examined by real Astronauts. The winner will take professional astronauts training and fly into space.
Competition promotion began with pre-campaigns on news sites and Facebook application. It included countdown and subscriptions used to invite readers to the competition. Mediaplan included print ads, TV and Radio spots. Users could also check their space predisposition in Space Quiz and share space postcard via competition site or via additional viral campaign in Social Media.

The results (based on Google Analytics):

  • Number of visits: 2 254 511
  • Number of unique visitors: 1 982 678
  • Number of views: 4 624 687
  • Number of pages / visit 2.05
  • A record number of visitors: 36 608 (16 March 2012)
  • Average time spent on the site: 0:01:08


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