Przedszkolak To Ja!

Usage of Competizer: Photo Contest

Media: Internet

Duration:  1 month (2012)

Photo Contest "Przedszkolak To Ja!" ("Preschooler - It is Me!") organized by the Municipal Council Szamotuły to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kindergarten "Jarzębinka" in Szamotuły. Powered by our online competition platform Competizer!. We conduct the competition platform as well as helped in its organization and promotion.


Participants had the opportunity to:

  • registration by traditional form, or by using "Facebook Connect"
  • add photos to categories of competition: "Preschooler in action," "Miss Kindergarten," "Mister Kindergarten"
  • vote for the photos using the "Vote" button,
  • comment on entries,
  • share photos with friends and family by i.e. "I like it!" button,
  • view the whole Photo Gallery,
  • read the information on text pages like: Rules, About, Prizes, Jury, Sponsor and Contact.

The organizer had the opportunity to:

  • set up the contest on the competition platform "Competizer",
  • adjust the competition to their own needs (i.e.: graphics, dates of stages, text pages, type of voting and commenting, domain competition, the data collected during registration, etc.),
  • moderation of entries, participants and comments,
  • promote the competition by using built-in tools such as widgets, RSS, mailings,
  • sponsors banners publish and update information pages,
  • keep checking the statistics on the competition,
  • setup the access to the Jury Panel for the individual members,
  • determine the final list of winners including configuration and publication of the "Winners" page.

Jury members had the opportunity to:

  • review and verify all entries in dedicated Panel,
  • vote for all entries in a dedicated panel by rating them from 1 to 5 stars,
  • sort of photos by many criteria such as: most voted, most commented, according to the highest number of "Like it!", etc,
  • access to the Panel for the entire duration of the competition.


  1. PR realese and banners on local newsportals.
  2. The transmission of information about the contest to subordinate institutions Municipality Szamotuły including kindergartens and schools.
  3. Flyers during the Days of Szamotuly City.
  4. Event on Facebook.
  5. Promoting competition through their own actions Sponsors.
  6. Media partners: Radio Merkury Poznan.

Statistics of the competition

  • Number of entries: 354
  • Number of votes: 5 265
  • Number of participants: 131

The results (based on Google Analytics):

  • Number of visits: 12 115
  • Number of unique visitors: 10 666
  • Number of views: 29 996
  • Number of pages / visit 2.48
  • A record number of visitors: 1 704 (20 June 2012)
  • Average time spent on the site: 0:01:24

Sponsors and companies involved in the project

Main Sponsor - Interactive Agency - support in organization, setup, promotion and Competition Platform supplier

Other Sponsors

  • Foundation of "The Little Dog Susan" ("Mały Piesek Zuzi") - which disseminates knowledge about dogs and their use in various areas of life by providing educational programs canine, organizing workshops and participation in the festivities.
  • Gro Play Poland - distributor of the Swedish brand Gro Play & Design - a manufacturer of eco-educational materials, toys made of 100% recycled.
  • Sports and Recreation Center in Szamotuły - making the Hall, "Wacław" for the implementation of awards from the Foundation's "The Little Dog Susan."

Media partner: Rado Merkury Poznań
Partner: Kindergarten "Jarzębinka" in Szamotuły.


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