Create photo contest

Create photo contest not only to get extra content but also to engage your audience and gain user base, broaden brand awareness, revenue from advertising, free Social Media marketing, additional traffic on your site and support in SEO actions.
Manage competitions on web pages, Facebook applications and in mobile application managing them via one single admin panel.

Photo contest on website


Set up competition in minutes. Fully customize and manage your contest. You can set the timeline, the type of contest and voting mechanism, use control features or set banners. If you want to repeat the competition with the same design and settings, you can clone it immediately. Moreover you can run multiple contests and create your very own competition platform.

Photo contest on Facebook

 Photo contest Facebook application as page tabFacebook photo contest application

Promote your profile on Facebook and get more fans by providing fun and fulfilling your mission through photo competition on Facebook.

Competizer enables you to run a contest on Facebook together with regular page to reach all users, including mobile and those who don't use Facebook. Contest as Page tab could start with "Like Gate". All users that sign up with Facebook got handy "Invite friends" link.

Mobile application

 sample photo contest in mobile applicationsample photo page in mobile applicationsample form in photo mobile contest application

Mobile contest application is a software that facilitates mobile users to participate in photo contes. We provide iphone app and android app that can be used on multiple mobile devices.

Photo contest features

Consumers and competition base

You are able to build and expand user base by conducting online competitions. Their participants will be able to receive mailings about your new promotions and participate in them by logging on to previously submitted data. You can combine all contests on a landing page.


Automated round progression

Just set the timeline and the competition begins, and closes, automatically. At any moment during the contest, you are able to extend the period for submission of entries, or change the ballot for voting. From the administration panel, you can see how the jury voted, confirm the winners and runners-up, and also publish and review the winning entries.



Quick setup by friendly and intuitive interface

You don't need any technical knowledge, but only a willingness to fully configure the new competition. Once designed project you can easily swap to the template for subsequent promotions.

Customized design

When preparing your contest, you can use ready  responsible templates and customize them, by adding your logo or by implementing your own style sheet (CSS), or order a dedicated layout. Customized design of the contest site can be re-used. Match the size of the entries to your needs (size of the photos or text width). Read more about contest design options here.


Full integration with social media

Entries can be liked, commented and shared in social media and rated upon those interactions. In addition, users can register for the competition through the data from the FB, which greatly facilitates the process of registration.
Contest could be placed as Facebook tab or as application to provide even more benefits of social media popularity.

Integration with your site

You can easily and quickly embed competition in your website as well as use your own CSS sheet with some modifications. The contest may be under your domain or subdomain. You can also attach your statistics tracking code to add  visits from the competition.

Moderation and pre-moderation of entries and comments

Competizer allows you to control entries and comments in the administration panel. Additionally, you are able to limit voting to secure your contest from cheaters and bots.


Built-in tools to promote your competition

Set up automatic widgets with the top or latest entries and place them on your or sponsor’s site. To advertise  progress of the competition you can also use RSS, mailings and integration with social media.

Many opportunities for sponsors and advertisers

You can earn money on your competitions by implementing sponsor banners or providing advertising space, or using Look & Feel. Suggest prizes from sponsorship or have a dedicated offer for participants. Collect an e-mail base or use the contest for a social media campaign.


Demo and sample photo competitions




€197 per contest + €5 per day

or USD 247 +  USD 7 per day
or AUD 307 + AUD 9 per day

Free up to 25 entries or users.

€297 per contest + €7 per day

or USD 379 + USD 9 per day
or AUD 479 + AUD 11 per day

Free up to 25 entries or users.

Storing original photo files no yes
mailing after registration and/or submission
platform mailings
(to participants of all contests, ie. kick-offs)
mailing after registration and/or submission

platform mailings
(to participants of all contests, ie. kick-offs)

+ competition progress
(to participants of active contest i.e. announce winner)  

Facebook plugin

votes, comments, shares,

FB connect

votes, comments, shares,

FB connect

Contest Facebook app no Contest tab on Page or Facebook canvas app
Promotional tools


+ top/latest external widget

Access to API no yes
Number of entries unlimited* unlimited*
Design: choose template or upload your own CSS yes yes
Many marketing possibilities for organizer and sponsor yes yes
Integrate a competition  with external portal (sponsor or organizer) yes yes
Custom competition domain yes yes
Custom registration form yes yes
Registration to the contest: traditional and using Facebook Connect yes yes
Paid for entry contest yes yes
Contests' types: text or photo yes yes
Voting: jury and public yes yes
Entries moderation and pre-moderation yes yes
Built in and external statistics yes yes
Contest cloning yes yes
Any number of administrative accounts at two levels of access yes yes
Technical Support (e-mail) yes yes

Check payment plan.
The above amounts refer: € to EUR and $ to USD , they do not include VAT (Value Added Tax).  You may be required to account for VAT under the reverse charge procedure according to local VAT rules in your country.



Pay as you want
Tell us your price and we will find a smart solution that will match your requirements.


Additional services

  • Contest set up

    At your request, we can gather all necessary information and prepare your contest from A to Z.

  • Dedicated design and its implementation

    On the basis of graphical source material, such as logo, CI or key visual; we can create and implement designs tailored to the organizer, or a sponsor’s individual needs. Design of mailings can also be commissioned. Find design inspiration and samples here.

  • Modification of mailings template

    The platform allows you to send mailings in a standard template. However, if you would like to implement a dedicated template - we can help. Working on competitions, organized for many countries around the world, we have gained valuable experience in consistent e-mail deliverance to recipient's inbox. We will be happy to share that knowledge with you by creating templates for your dedicated mailings.

  • Presentation for sponsors and advertisers

    (online or PDF version)
    We realize how important the sponsor is for the contest organizer. We are very happy to assist you with preparing presentations, that help promote specific solutions, and sponsor's advertising space.

  • Ad-server

    If you need advanced options for displaying banners, and don't have access to your own ad server, you can outsource this task to us. Just send us the files, and we will do the rest. At the end of the competition, we will even provide statistics.

  • Mobile App for iPhone and Andorid

    At your request, we can design, implement, and publish mobile applications for indicated platforms that combine competitions run on the website.


Are you interested in additional services? Contact us and submit a brief, which will be the basis of our valuation.


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