Payment plan

After placing an order:

  • You do not pay for access to platform
  • The first charge will be levied after competition opens (competition is open when it has  more then 25 entries  or 25 users)
  • You do not pay for the cloning or setting another contest. The fee is charged only after its opening.
  • You do not pay for the maintenance of closed competition (by year)
  • You do not pay for the maintenance of archived competition (no limit)
  • You always have access to users' profile data, even after removal of the competition
  • You can always remove or shorten the contest  to end rewarded use of the platform.
  • All prices are valid to the 1.5 million high resolution photos per customer (doesn't apply to BASIC plan).

The following infographics explains when and what for you pay, and when you use  the platform for free.