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Usage of Competizer: text competition

Media: Internet

Duration: 8th September -1st October 2012

Description:  Writing contest "My apartment" was organized by DOM_EKO Sp. z o.o. to promote new investment: ZODIAC III, located in Poznań.

Competition website has been integrated with a corporate page to:

  •     strengthen the company's image among the regular and potential customers,
  •     offer of investment interest Zodiac III.


The competition was run on Competition Platform "Competizer".

Participants had the opportunity to:

  •  registration form, or by using the "Facebook connect",
  •  add text as an entry in categories: "I like my apartment" (for residents of housing estates built by the DOM-EKO) and "My dream apartment" (for all those who dream of their own home),
  •  vote for selected entries by using the "Vote"
  • share entries with family and friends among others by the "Like"
  • browse through all the entries of all participants in the Gallery,
  • become familiar with the contest information pages such as: Rules, about the contest, Prizes, Jury, Sponsor, Contact.

Organizer had the opportunity to:

  • establish and set the competition on the Competition Platform "Competizer",
  • adapt the contest website to their own needs (eg design, the date of the various stages of the competition, the text, type, vote and comment on, the contest domain, the data collected during registration, etc.),
  • pre-moderation and moderation of entries, participants
  • promote competition using built-in tools such as widgets, RSS, mailings,
  • sponsors banners publishing and updating information pages,
  • keep checking the statistics on the competition
  • setup the access to the Jury Panel for the individual members,
  • choose the final list of winners, including configuration and publication of the "winners".

Jury members have the opportunity to:

  • review and verify all entries in dedicated Jury Panel,
  • vote for all of the work in a dedicated panel awarded from 1 to 5 stars for each entry,
  • sort of entries by a number of criteria such as: most voted by Internet users, most commented, according to the highest number of "Like", etc,
  • Panel access to the entire duration of the contest.


1. Local newspapers and Internet.

2. Ads on fairs.

3. Contest flyers.

4. The use of promotional tools available on the Competizer Platform:

  • embedded widgets on the home page of the organizer and partners sites,

  • winners announcement mailing for all the participants who agreed to receive information about contest progress.

5. The offer for sponsors and partners:

  • sponsors and partners banners on contest home page, text pages and in gallery.

  • prize page to promote their own products and services,

  • judges - representatives of sponsors and partners,

  • mailing with sponsors and partners banners.


Statistics contest

  • Number of entries: 37
  • Users votes: 282
  • Facebook likes: 77
  • Number of participants: 274

The results (based on Google Analytics, September 7 - October 8, 2012):

  • Number of visits: 3 657
  • Number of unique visitors: 2 756
  • Number of hits: 11 039
  • Pages / visit 3.02
  • Average time spent on site: 0:02:49
  • 20% of website traffic came from Facebook

Goals achieved

  • potential customers engagement by using innovative forms of promotion - in the long term it may result in the sale and raises brand awareness and services,
  • strengthen brand awareness for regular customers,
  • collecting great content (competition entries), which can subsequently be used for other marketing and promotional campaigns,
  • user database captured - to use for the next actions,
  • better relationship with partners.


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