How you can gain more by paying less

We would like you to gain substantial rewards from your competition. This is most important for us. Take advantage of ideas that we have prepared to make the competition even more effective, and reduce the running cost.


Do you know that two banners per page are enough to cover the monthly cost of running a competition on the Competizer platform?

It works on the assumption: page views of about 200k/month, CPM = 1 EURO. Expecting better traffic? You will gain much more!


Your sponsor has bought only a fraction of advertising space available on the platform?

Install ads and other content from advertising programs such as Google AdSense. The revenue from such affiliates can fully cover the expense of usage fee.


Do you know that thanks to Facebook, you are able to frequently increase traffic on the competition site?

We live in a reality that is dominated by social media such as Facebook. The more it is used, the lower the cost of marketing activities, relative to results. With the Competizer platform, users can register in the competition quickly and easily with their Facebook account. They are also able to comment or click ‘like’ entries, and also to share them with their friends. This is the ideal opportunity to send your marketing message to millions of people around the world.


Have you already planned a promotional campaign with our tools?

Widgets, mailings, Facebook application or RSS feed - create and promote your contest on other sites, portals and channels.


Have you got several customers who want to run a few competitions over longer periods?

Take advantage of our offer: UNLIMITED for only: EURO 2 470 per month. Compare the benefits against any assumptions:

You have 12 clients for whom you're planning to start three competitions in a year, lasting approximately 2 months each.

  • FULL: 12 x 3 = 36 contests; 36 x 2 months =72 Competizer usage fees; 72 x 597 EURO = 42 984 EURO
  • UNLIMITED: 2,497 x 12 months = only 29,964 Euro - choosing this option you are saving more than 13 000 EURO!


Test Competizer platform for free.

Quickly and easily run photo or text contest. It costs only 397 EUR.

We can advise you how you can gain even more..

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