Benefit from easy and powerful competition management and social performance:




Consumers and competition base

You are able to build and expand user base by conducting online competitions. Their participants will be able to receive mailings about your new promotions and participate in them by logging on to previously submitted data. You can combine all contests on a landing page.


Different types of competitions to choose from

You can select the type of entries: photos, artwork or text - dividing them into categories based on chance. You can also decide which option is suitable for selecting winners, whether your selection is by jury or users’ votes. You can also use the non-contest mode, which is a simple photo gallery.


Automated round progression

Just set the timeline and the competition begins, and closes, automatically. At any moment during the contest, you are able to extend the period for submission of entries, or change the ballot for voting. From the administration panel, you can see how the jury voted, confirm the winners and runners-up, and also publish and review the winning entries.



Quick setup by friendly and intuitive interface

You don't need any technical knowledge, but only a willingness to fully configure the new competition. Once designed project you can easily swap to the template for subsequent promotions.

One panel manages the website, including Facebook and mobile application

You can lead your competition at the same time on the web page, Facebook application and mobile app managing them via one single admin panel.


Moderation and pre-moderation of entries and comments

Competizer allows you to control entries and comments in the administration panel. Additionally, you are able to limit voting to secure your contest from cheaters and bots.


Customized design

When preparing your contest, you can use ready  responsible templates and customize them, by adding your logo or by implementing your own style sheet (CSS), or order a dedicated layout. Customized design of the contest site can be re-used. Match the size of the entries to your needs (size of the photos or text width). Read more about contest design options here.


Full integration with social media

Entries can be liked, commented and shared in social media and rated upon those interactions. In addition, users can register for the competition through the data from the FB, which greatly facilitates the process of registration.
Contest could be placed as Facebook tab or as application to provide even more benefits of social media popularity.

Integration with your site

You can easily and quickly embed competition in your website as well as use your own CSS sheet with some modifications. The contest may be under your domain or subdomain. You can also attach your statistics tracking code to add  visits from the competition.

Built-in tools to promote your competition

Set up automatic widgets with the top or latest entries and place them on your or sponsor’s site. To advertise  progress of the competition you can also use RSS, mailings and integration with social media.

Support and access to online help

See the platform’s specification, and take advantage of a dedicated support site available on help.competizer.com, to fully exploit all the possibilities of the Competizer platform. This will help you to use with the administration panel quicker, while being more efficient in running an excellent marketing campaign. In case of any difficulties, you can always use the e-mail support.


Many opportunities for sponsors and advertisers

You can earn money on your competitions by implementing sponsor banners or providing advertising space, or using Look & Feel. Suggest prizes from sponsorship or have a dedicated offer for participants. Collect an e-mail base or use the contest for a social media campaign.


Continuous access to statistics

You can keep track of competition statistics (the number of users, competition entries, votes cast, FB likes) and add external statistics, such as Google Analytics.