Design options

Would you like to use ready templates  just to set up competition within 10 minutes or integrate contest seamlessly into your portal? Maybe you prefer to deliver unique experience with outstanding design? 

Competizer platform delivers you both: ready to use templates and white labeled contest mechanism as a field for your crativity.



Go through steps descibed below to find out all design options for your competition.

Check options on the left and see examples on the right.

Use templates

There are few ready responsive templates, which you can use for free. 

Do it yourself

Find out how to choose templates

Let us help you

Any of templates doesn't suit your needs? Don't worry. We can prepare new one especially for you. Just let us taste your branding.  You can download this mood board and send it back after customizing to your identity. Additionally send us your logo and other requirements. 

Sample templates

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Add images and video

There are predefined places where you can upload your images or video:

  • header - good place for competition tile and your logo
  • description on home page - present prizes and theme of the contest

There are also WYSIWYG editiors, which can be used to place footage:

  • on custom pages- for instance present prizes, jury
  • in footer
  • instead of banners
  • in emails and emails templates

Do it yourself

Find out where and how to place own graphics and video

Let us help you

Send us all your footage, logos etc.  They will be used to encourage users to enter competition and promote your brand as well.

Sample image on custom pageSample widgets and banners

check other examples:

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Integrate with your portal

Place competition within your site or make it look like it was placed there.

Within contest website you can include:

  • header of your site
  • footer of your site
  • single elements like logo, widgets, etc.
  • own campaign from ad server
  • statistics tracker

Elements could be dynamic (when element changes in your portal then it changes in the contest also).

Do it yourself

Find out how to integrate contest with your site

Let us help you

Send us your portal address, we will advise you how you can integrate your portal.

Sample of integrated news portal headerSample of integrated Facebook like box and RSS news feed

check other examples:

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Customize look&feel

Customize competition look&feel via own custom CSS file changing:

  • backround images and colours
  • fonts colours, family, size, margins, backgrounds
  • layout widths and heights, headers, footers, responsivness
  • presentation of entries
  • navigation and buttons
  • forms
  • custom icons
  • and everything else you can imagine and execute through CSS styling.

Additionally adjust entries width and scaling options in photo contest to fit contest nature and promotion needs.

If you want to make the competition look united with your current portal then you can try to use parts of CSS from your portal (slightly modified).

Do it yourself

Find out how to introduce custom CSS file and change entries sizes.

Let us help you

Send us all your footage, logos and brief: what is competition about? how do you imagine it should look like? should it fit to your portal? to which extend? You can also prepare whole layout or some elements for the contest and let us implement it. Download this mood board and contest elements template and send us back. We will create unique contest design for you.

Sample photo entry in "Metro Look Book inspired by Karl Lagerfeld" competitionSample text entry in "Lezer columns" competitionSample formSample navigation elements: menu and buttons

check other examples:

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