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Usage of Competizer:  photo contest

Media: Internet

Duration: cyclical - annual; 1st edition of 19 July - 21 October 2012

Description: Users uploaded the entries - photos in the subject line with the organizers and partners brief. In 2012, the theme was: LIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. The entries were judged by the jury.


The competition was run on the Competition Platform competition "Competizer"

Participants had the opportunity to:

  • registration form, or by using the "Facebook connect",

  • add competition entries (photos),

  • comment on entries,

  • share entries with family and friends among others by the "Like"

  • browse through all the entries of all participants in the Gallery,

  • become familiar with the contest information pages such as: Rules, About the contest, Prizes, Jury, Sponsor, Contact us.

Organizer had the opportunity to:

  • setup the competition on the Competition Platform "Competizer",

  • adapt the competition website to their own needs (eg design, the date of the various stages of the competition, the text pages, type of voting and comment on, the contest domain, the data collected during registration, etc.),

  • moderation of entries, the participants and comments

  • promote competition using built-in tools such as widgets, RSS, mailings,

  • sponsors banners publishing and updating information pages,

  • keep checking the statistics on the competition

  • setup the access to the Jury Panel for the individual members,

  • determine the final list of winners, including configuration and publication of the "winners".

Jury members had the opportunity to:

  • review and verify all entries dedicated to the Jury Panel,

  • vote for all of the entries in a dedicated panel, where each vote was awarded from 1 to 5 stars, 

  • sort of entries by a number of criteria such as: the most discussed, according to the highest number of "Like", etc,

  • Panel access to the entire duration of the contest.


Statistics contest

  • Number of entries: 1 462
  • Number of participants: 888
  • Facebook likes: 3 136
  • Facebook comments: 549

The results (based on Google Analytics, July - November 2012):

  • Visits: 29 406
  • Unique users: 18 064
  • Views: 183 898
  • Pages / Visit: 6.25
  • Average duration of visit: 0:04:26


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