Column Contest

Usage of Competizer: Text Contest

Media: Internet

Duration:  cyclic - every week (from January 2012, from May 2012 - on the platform Competizer)

Users upload their columns on the competition wepage.Organiser (Metro Holland BV) selects the best every week and then published them in the Metro newspaper. Participants comment, vote and share their texts in social media.

Initially the competition was organized by traditional method - entries were sent via email. However, this method was inconvenient for jury as well as consuming too much time to the organizers. The change in strategy - the decision to use the competition platform Competizer - improved the management of the whole action. This has resulted in increased interest in the contest, which is directly associated with an increase in the number of participants and the uploaded entries.

Contest page is integrated with the newsportal dynamically providing always up-to-date header. For the users contest site seems as the integral part of the site. The publisher also started monetizing the traffic with implementation of ads.

Statistics of the competition (May 2012 - September 2013)

  • Number of entries:  over 5k
  • New entries monthly: about 250
  • Number of participants:  over 4k
  • Number of users votes: over 89k
  • Facebook likes:  over 8k
  • Facebook comments:  over 2k



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We started to use Competizer for the Column Contest to make it more interactive for participants. First readers send an email to Metro with their column. Every week one column was selected for publication in Metro.

Now we use Competizer, all columns are collected on the website. People can read columns, comment, vote and share.

We already have more than 1.000 entries on the website since May, so the contest is really successful. 

Stefanie Kooijman - Marketeer
Metro Holland B.V. Amsterdam