This information is provided for agencies that look for contest software to create and manage online contest for themselves or for their clients. 

Set up contest for your agency

/agency is an organizer and user base owner/

When you order access to the platform we set special separate account. On this account you can create and run any contest for yourself.
During this contest initial user base will be created. If you are going to use our platform again for another competition this user base will grow. 

You can also use your agency account to create within minutes demo competition to present it live to client.

Set up own competition platform

/agency is user base owner/

You can organize contest with partnership or sponsored by third parties or organize contest in behalf of your customers and make your own contest platform as you still will be the owner of whole user base that will grow with all your contest. 

You can use departments and create admin accounts for third parties to separate permissions and access to given contests and their assets,  participants data particularly.

Please make sure that participants are informed who and how is going to use their data by providig valid privacy policy page.

Set up contest for your client

/separate user base for each client/

If you want to create and manage contest for your client then we encourage you to create new accounts for each of your clients. This will create new users base for each client, as probably Adidas wouldn't be happy to share their base with Nike etc.. Also quite probably you wouldn’t like to share all settings, backup data etc.  with all your clients.

In this case we want to set up brand new clear account for your each new client (in your behalf).  
Let us know by placing new order, describe what should be account name and department(s), so you can easily manage multiple client's accounts without headache. In this case you will be able to create confidential admin accounts for each client separately.


Order access to the platform


White labeled solution

Client could be aware of that your are using our platform. You can set admin accounts for them to let them monitore stats, moderate entries or comments, backup data, etc.