If you need advanced options for displaying banners or need statistics (impressions and clicks) you can serve them from own ad-server. If you don't use any we can take care of it. We can run dedicated ad-server for you.

Banners formats

Displaying ads options

  • display ad on selected page(s) in your site only
  • prioritise certain banner, if there are few banners in the same spot
  • deliver campaign a pre-arranged number of times per day for a specific number of days
  • limit campaign views to a certain number either in total or per session
  • target to users coming from specific IPs (or blocks of IP addresses)
  • target an ad to users coming from a specific domain
  • show an ad to on pages linked to from the selected page(s)
  • appear on a specific date of the month or year
  • only on a particular day or days of the week
  • target specific hour of day
  • cap the total number of times one user will see this banner
  • cap the number of times a visitor sees a banner in a single session

Action plan

  1. Send us a list of:
    • banner(s),
      Warning: If you want to display some banners in the same spot then banners have to be exactly the same size. 
    • destination URL(s),
    • where it should be displayed (check list of available ad units here),
    • optionally alt text for image banners or status for text ads. 
    • Optionally demand serving or caping options (as on the list above).
  2. We will provide banners to your contest.
  3. A month after the end of the competition, we will  provide statistics.